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This website aims to consolidate some of the excellent information about the 5-2 diet that can be found on the web If you know of any worthwhile sites that we can reference here please do get in touch.

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5:2 Diet for 2013 I’m in the process of making my new years resolutions.  Well, planning them.  The 5:2 diet will obviously be part of that…

Eating Well on the 5-2 Diet

How to Eat Well and still keep to a 5-2 Fast Day I do believe it’s quite possible to eat well on a 5-2 fast day. The 5-2 diet is designed to allow you to eat normally on 5 days of the week and both lose weight and improve your health by reducing your calories […]

Fasting Diets – the Options

About Fasting Diets

All about fasting diets: There are other fasting diets which work a little bit like the 5:2 diet.  Here we explore some of the options

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